Marcelo Loureiro

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot for Marcelo Loureiro

Marcelo Louriero turned his lifestyle and love of surfing, bike and snowboarding into a career and serves as chief executive officer for Spinlister. As the CEO, he is responsible for the overall direction of the company, securing strategic partnerships, raising funding and elevating the brand. Before serving as its CEO, Marcelo was an angel investor in the company and after a year he purchased the company from its original founders to revamp the service and keep the business growing.

A serial entrepreneur by nature, Loureiro was part of the founding team of Sagatiba, Inc., a Brazilian liquor company that was sold in 2011 to Campari. At Sagatiba, he oversaw the sales and marketing of the new spirit, Cachaca, in the United States. Prior to that, he created the Brazilian clothing company Mandi.net that was sold to the holding company that distribute Calvin Klein in Brazil in 2005.

In addition to serving as the CEO of Spinlister, Loureiro sits on the board of cleansing juice company UrbanRemedy.com and uses his beverage industry experience and contacts to advise the direction of the company. Loureiro also sits on the board of Pinion, a crowdsource research company (app) focusing on customer behavior and price/quality monitoring for consumer goods on retail and wholesale business in Brazil.

Loureiro also worked as a social activist in his home country of Brazil and was deeply involved with NGOS and poor families in Sao Paulo. To help bring awareness to the social cause in the city, he produced a documentary, A PONTE, and a successful music festival Power to the Peaceful Brazil in 2007.

He currently lives in Pacific Palisades with his wife and kids.


Curren Bates

Director of Marketing

Curren Bates is a former national champion swimmer with a degree in Marketing and Public Relations from The Masters University in Southern California. He has an extensive background working within the action sports industry, previously running marketing and operations for global swimwear and triathlon companies. He is active in the local cycling community attending advocate meetings and participating in group rides.

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